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Best Patriots game I’ve ever seen….I can’t believe that just happened.  11/24/13 just went down in the history books.  All day on talk radio they just yapped about how the Pats messed up letting go of Wes Welker, and bam, Julian Edelman and Shane Vereen catch a million passes. Let’s ride this momentum all the way to the Super Bowl. By the way I don’t know enough about football to have an intelligent conversation about strategy. My dad would be disappointed (he almost made the NFL in the 1950’s…I did not almost make my high school team in the 1990’s). I just watch the games, eat buffalo chicken fingers, and jump and yell when they score touchdowns….c9b4cb7d-daac-3f54-9ced-cf549930fced

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Photo opps!

I was just tearing through my phone and realized we have had the opportunity to meet and spend time with some pretty influential people these days so I decided to post ’em up.  We know and love Angie, Applejaxx, and Swift, we’ve opened up for Lecrae, Propaganda, and Andy Mineo, and we just grabbed Michael Tait and took a picture lol.

Top to bottom: Angie Miller, Lecrae, Andy Mineo & Applejaxx, Propaganda, Michael Tait, R.Swift


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Lukus has been remixing like a madman. Check out his remixes of hit songs including Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Andy Mineo, and Lecrae.

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