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Opportunity Orange take 2 was fantastic!

Congratulations to Sophia Bereaud, Kyla Langevand Carissa Myre for making it last night to the Quarter finals along with 13 others. Come on May 15th to Orange Leaf in Salem for our FIRST Quarter Final.
All 16 who have gone through will be preforming a complete song with music that night!
We will be there for at least 2 hours starting at 7pm! Trust us you do NOT want to miss this amazing night!

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A Look at Lukus Simari & Bobby Bishop

We just want to thank everyone who has appreciated and supported our music over the years. It’s amazing when people tell us that our music has affected them positively.  We look forward to more of your stories!  After you watch our video, please share it!

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I Believe in Love was awesome

Thanks to Lukus for another beautiful night of worship in Lowell.  There’s something so pure about simply coming together in one accord, celebrating our differences and our common ground, and seeking Jesus.  See you at the next one!



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Opportunity Orange round 1 was a huge success!

Thanks to everyone who came out for our first round.  Talk about a win-win.  Fantastic people, music, and frozen yogurt.  Here is our press release:

We want to thank EVERYONE who came to the first audition for Opportunity Orange! It was such an amazing night. Thank you! We want to announce the quarter finalists from the first audition! First, we want to let you know that you have ONE MORE shot for those of you who did not audition the first time… you can show us what you have at the second audition on April 17th from 7 to 10 pm. This will be the LAST audition before we move on to quarter and semi Ffnals! This is NOT for those who have already performed. This is for those who did not get in front of the mic that night. Come and join the fun. Many have asked what the prizes are..gift cards, cash, recording time at a studio, gigs Orange Leaf and around the North Shore  and more! We will let you know details as we near the finals. For now, here are those from the first audition that will move forward in Opportunity Orange:

Kids 12-14 category: Nick Angeramo Kayli Kotchian Tenley Seidel Shannon Murphy Aaliyan Anaya Danielle Lovasco

Rap Category : Jacob Driscoll Jarred Coldwell Luis Vacquez Kaylee lambert Christian Matos

Vocal Category we have: Gyana Kendrick Diaralyz Feliciano

CONGRATS to all QUARTER-FINALISTS and we look forward to more quarter-finalists joining you after the second audition on April 17th. You are welcome to join us that night. Judges will be personally e-mailing you to give you pointers at the next round. If you print that e mail and bring it with you on April 17th, you will get free Orange Leaf! ALL OF YOU get ready to sing for the judges again on May 15th! You MUST choose a NEW song and sing the entire song for us that night. You MUST have live music or a track. In time, after the second audition, we will post details for all the semi-finalists. Congratulations!orange1 orange2 orange3 orange4 orange5

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Orange Leaf

I’m excited to say I get to be one of the judges in the Opportunity Orange talent search!
Calling all singers and rappers ages 12-20! Opportunity Orange is our talent show/competition where you get your chance to work with and be heard by music industry professionals and potential fans.

Compete for a chance to win recording studio time, gig opportunities, gift certificates, and cash prizes!

This is your chance to get your talent and voice out into the world with the professional guidance and support of the Orange Leaf Corporation, The Dejas, Re-Mix Church, SATV, Salem Haunted Happenings, and more…

Your time is NOW! The first round of auditions will be held at Orange Leaf in Salem, MA on Thursday Feb. 20th from 7-10pm. You will have 1 minute to perform your song and show us what you got!

We are honored to present Tana Miller (singer & mother of “American Idol” star Angie Miller) as our Opportunity Orange head judge!

For further questions… email thedejas@gmail.com or send us a message through the Opportunity Orange Facebook Page!

Orange Leaf
76 Lafayette St.
Salem, MA 01970
(978) 741-3200

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