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Photo opps!

I was just tearing through my phone and realized we have had the opportunity to meet and spend time with some pretty influential people these days so I decided to post ‘em up.  We know and love Angie, Applejaxx, and Swift, we’ve opened up for Lecrae, Propaganda, and Andy Mineo, and we just grabbed Michael Tait and took a picture lol.

Top to bottom: Angie Miller, Lecrae, Andy Mineo & Applejaxx, Propaganda, Michael Tait, R.Swift


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Lukus has been remixing like a madman. Check out his remixes of hit songs including Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Andy Mineo, and Lecrae.

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Wow, Lukus wrote a good song, and I’m plugging away to make these verses what they need to be. As Lukus and I have built momentum, we have realized how important it is for us to undeniably “leave it all on the stage” and reflect Jesus back to the audience. I had written some verses while he was working on a chorus, and man did they match….the result will be a new single and video entitled “Fingernails.” Sounds odd at first, I agree, but the message of Christ’s covering is unique and bold. We’re excited to take this step of faith, stay tuned!

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UNOW Boston was amazing!

What a crowd at UNOW 2013 on Boston City Hall Plaza. Just an evening of praising God with 10,000 others out in the public square here in New England, no biggie lol.

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Connect Fest was awesome….

Thanks to Brian Sawyer at Fuse Concerts for a fantastic day at Connect Fest! We appreciated the opportunity and got to build up with some fantastic bands. Bigups to our band (Vancil, Amos, and Antoine) for crushing up there! Special thanks to The Wrecking and Seventh Day Slumber for showing that love! Also, Bobby’s family (brother, mother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew) all came out what a surprise!


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