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Opportunity Orange take 2 was fantastic!

Congratulations to Sophia Bereaud, Kyla Langevand Carissa Myre for making it last night to the Quarter finals along with 13 others. Come on May 15th to Orange Leaf in Salem for our FIRST Quarter Final.
All 16 who have gone through will be preforming a complete song with music that night!
We will be there for at least 2 hours starting at 7pm! Trust us you do NOT want to miss this amazing night!

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A Look at Lukus Simari & Bobby Bishop

We just want to thank everyone who has appreciated and supported our music over the years. It’s amazing when people tell us that our music has affected them positively.  We look forward to more of your stories!  After you watch our video, please share it!

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I Believe in Love was awesome

Thanks to Lukus for another beautiful night of worship in Lowell.  There’s something so pure about simply coming together in one accord, celebrating our differences and our common ground, and seeking Jesus.  See you at the next one!



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