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2014 was our third Soulfest as a duo, and Bobby’s eleventh performance in twelve years! Thanks to Newsound and our phenomenal crowd. It was great to meet Derek Minor, too.
Peace to Caleb McCoy for the cameo! See you in 2015…



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Lots of love to everyone at Alton Bay in New Hampshire! We had a great time chopping it up with the crowd and the one and only Manafest!

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This morning I’ve been contemplating, naturally (happy 4th)! It really is quite remarkable that I am permitted to embrace my own beliefs, and express them freely. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to do so on some large platforms, as well as some intimate ones.
This past week at an event, Lukus Simari and I performed our new song, and I had a moment of clarity. As often as I’ve departed from venues with a feeling of “satisfaction” that I “did my job,” I genuinely left this one feeling humbled because I was transparent with the audience, with no preoccupation regarding their opinion of me. The focus was where it needed to be, on God, and the result was peace.
This song sets the stage for such moments because it is vulnerable. Thank you to Lukus for writing such a beautiful piece and giving me the opportunity to speak freely. This song is about the cross.
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